Transit Workers Union Endorses Renier Diaz de la Portilla

Renier Diaz de la Portilla was officially endorsed by Transit Workers Union Local 291 who represents over 2,800 Dade County transit workers. Diaz de la Portilla is extremely grateful for the support of his community members in his run for Miami-Dade County’s District 5 Commission Seat.

“Renier running for County Commission is a game changer for our workers. We are on the frontlines every day and we know his record. He genuinely supports a sustainable and high performing transit system. He will actually improve Dade County transit – not just talk about it,” said Jeffrey Mitchell, President of TWU 291 and a longtime transit worker. As a former state legislator and school board member, he championed the rights of working-class families. He grew up in this district and will be a true representative of the citizens. We support him. We also must be upfront with the public. Higgings talked a big game about being a supporter of Dade County transit. She pretended to care about the workers and the riders. We gave her a chance-she let us down,” said Mitchell.

 “Transit workers are essential in moving our residents to and from their jobs. To mistreat them just to curry favor with special interests is unacceptable,” Renier Diaz de la Portilla said

Elections for Miami Dade County District 5 Commission Seat are scheduled for August 18th.